Why it works

Let’s start with the science, I would like to share with you a really interesting video from Dr. Bruce Lipton on how the subconscious and conscious mind works. I go into this in a lot more detail inside, as it’s a cornerstone to your success.

In a nutshell, Dr. Lipton proves that until the age of 7 your subconscious is like a sponge soaking up life experiences that will determine your future behaviour. This is evidenced by your brain’s Theta waves changing after you turn 7, once this happens you effectively have your core behaviour patterns locked in your subconscious.

Accordingly as your subconscious vs your conscious mind is in play for 95% of the time it works towards the outcomes imprinted in your pre 7 year old behaviour patterns. Typically these patterns tend to mimic those of your parents. This is largely the premise of the popular business book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Various studies show that to cement in new habits typically takes around 12 weeks for most people, hence the 3 months timing for the initial coaching commitment to FMDZen. 

We all need to start somewhere, the important thing is to start, as the US Marines famously say “without fear or favor” What we’re offering is a personalised service, where we will work with you to keep you motivated. You can only start from where you are now, I’ll say it again THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO START, and then it’s our job to help keep you motivated.

This program appears simple, the best things always are, the real work is in what goes on behind the scenes to make what you receive appear simple.  Often it’s the first hand experience of failure that allows you to distill a secret sauce”. In terms of FMDZen the secret sauce is,

  • It really works you will get great outcomes – Guaranteed
  • The regular nature of the contact to keep you motivated,
  • The guided ongoing progressive improvements between fasts,
  • Sharing the latest research,
  • Sharing our personal experience of what works to help you lose weight and improve your wellbeing.
  • Monitoring your results via a comprehensive mobile app to reinforce your progress

When you’re ready to get started on the journey to a New U, hit the Big Green Button.