Our story

My name is Grant Goodger, when my health went over a cliff, my wife Aya and I decided to fix me. This is our story and we hope it resonates with you and helps you. My original training was as a qualified accountant, which mean I’m trained in researching and interpreting data. I set up the FMDZen way with Aya as my wellness partner so that we could deliver meaningful results to a wider audience. In a nutshell this site is really about sharing our successful journey, the research that delivered the results, and our first hand experience to help you make your life better and more rewarding.

Several things happened in the space of a few weeks recently that really kicked me into gear, and bought my life experience strongly into focus. As advised I had a round of blood tests late in 2020, sadly but not unexpectedly they were my worst ever.

I also had some changes to my eyesight around the same time, it turns out that diabetes can swell the eye and this caused my eyesight to change by 4 steps. While thankfully there were no bleeds or damage to the back of the eye, this was a little scary and the need to fix myself became urgent. I also talked to my brother who is 14 years older than me and he surprised me by sharing that he was on 6 times the level of diabetes medication I was on!!

Enough is Enough

I needed to find a solution that wasn’t totally over the top or extreme and that I could stick to over the next 6 months or so. I’d flirted with various lifestyle changes over the years, (decades really) and already had a good body of knowledge to draw on, I simply needed to get serious about making some changes. My wife totally agreed with me (for a change) and we both decided to work on making me better. My expectation was that you couldn’t quickly undo decades of pushing your body too hard in the wrong direction.

However we shouldn’t underestimate the latent power of our bodies and the worth of good research. Three months later in the first week of February I had another round of blood tests.

My fasting blood sugar went down from 7.4 on medication to 5.7 with no medication. While not my main target my cholesterol dropped from 6.5 to 5.2, and my main liver enzyme tests for fatty liver came back into range. My AST enzymes went from 68 to 31 (normal is < 35) and my ALT enzymes went from 106 to 36 (normal < 40). My results were outstanding, and yes my doctor was pretty gobsmacked.

Production note: What’s a website without a cute gobsmacked cat shot.

I’m well on the way to losing another 5kg to get my BMI into range, but I know I can do that in the coming months, because we know FMDZen is proven to work. Shampoo, rinse, repeat, if you are motivated enough, and have a sense of urgency we’re confident this approach will work for you as well.

A quick unbiased word from my wife Aya: “I’ve seen first hand the results Grant achieved and they are amazing. I’ve done both the FMD and the liver cleanses that are foundation parts of FMDZen and they both definitely work. You will notice better skin tone after an FMD, and when done properly the liver cleanse will flush out cholesterol.”

When you’re ready to get started on the journey to a New U, hit the Big Green Button.