How it works

The FMDzen way centres around two strategies, fasting and in particular the monthly FMD, and the ongoing continuous self improvement.

  • The FMD is effectively the “king hit” every month, it will put your body into Keto mode, once you complete the FMD each month your old habits in relation to sugar, salt and alcohol will be weakened and at their most vulnerable for change.
  • This in turn will allow you to more successfully work on improving your activity across a range of areas during the following kaizen phase.


There are a number of simple, but very effective habit hacks we can employ together that will build on your success during the kaizen stage in between the monthly FMD’s.

So effectively you keep stepping down your weight and improving your wellbeing as you go through both keto (FMD) and lifestyle changes (kaizen) towards a new and healthier you. As everyone loves to label new things, we’ve called this approach the FMD Kaizen Way or FMDZen for short. Why Way, because together we are trying to help you create a new Way of Life, a New U.




My son Ben shared this math note that shows very simply, the power of consistency or continuous improvement in what we do.

I know from my own experience in mentoring start up’s that passion and perseverance are two of the strongest indicators of success.

An important part of the system is monitoring your progress to help keep you motivated. In my case I measure blood sugar and blood pressure every morning. Weekly I measure my weight, fat percentage, muscle percentage, BMI, waist circumference, plus monitor my pulse. I’ll talk more about this after you sign on.

When you’re ready to get started on the journey to a New U, hit the Big Green Button.