If you had to describe FMDZen in 7 words, how would you?

Love yourself, eat less, move more.

FMDZen in one sentence

Love your self, eat less, move more to help you re-member health, wealth, and happiness.

Why do so many diets fail ?

We cover this in some detail in our news article, What do Lithium batteries and Diets have in common. Briefly there is an 8 week honeymoon period with weight loss before your metabolism re-adjusts, during the first 8 weeks exercise delivers better results, your body burns fat more easily, accordingly you are more motivated, then all of sudden after 8 weeks or so you hit a plateau or in some cases what feels like a brick wall. You lose motivation and the whole diet fails. Plus there is also a nasty little kicker, if you diet off and on you build up a resistance level in your metabolism in a similar way that a lithium battery does. This means that when your metabolism finds its new level after 8 weeks it will settle at a level 10% to 15% lower than the norm for your weight level. This resistance level can last for years. Which is why a lot of credible weight loss programs target slower changes over 12 months with no more than a .5kg to max 1kg weight loss per week.

What tools will I be using?

After an extensive search we are using Precision Nutrition’s Procoach back end software and mobile app to help you on your journey. These guys are the best we’ve found in this area, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. The cost of these tools is included in our monthly charges.

How soon can I expect results?

Within weeks you will start to notice change.

The main focus of FMDZen is a balanced approach that will progressively answer your current challenges and deliver results that will lock in the gains over the long term. To use a common analogy we are sharing with you the skills to become a good fisher, we are not here to feed you fish.

We will assess your current challenges, and then work with you to resolve them and deliver great results.

Apart from the personal interaction, how will this work at a “nuts and bolts” level ?

I have a very strong IT background, and my research has uncovered some excellent software out of the US called ProCoach that we will use to help take you on this journey. This software is exceptionally good, and it will help to free us up to focus on the important stuff, namely RESULTS.

Resonance and empathy

One of the reasons Aya and I decided to launch NewU together apart from our passion in helping people through FMDZen was that it would give people a better chance of finding some resonance with individual experience.

Some people will feel more relaxed working with someone of their own gender, Aya has been through every process I have and she knows how it all comes together.

We are running NewU as a team and you’re able to have either Aya or myself as a mentor as you go through FMDZen. You will interact with both of us at different times, but we’re relaxed as to who you would like as your prime contact.

To give you a broad brush idea of how we work in different ways the following may help.


Where we’ve livedJapan, AustraliaNew Zealand, Japan, Australia
ChallengesGestational diabetes, RefluxType 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Business stress, Alcohol
Lifestyle FocusYoga, FitnessLong term meditator, New Age, Spirituality
Communication StyleMainly fact basedColloquial, story telling

Who is behind the organisation

NewU and FMDZen are part of WebUX Pty Ltd a successful digital agency based in Sydney. Grant is CEO of this company and Aya is its sole director and main shareholder. The reasoning behind this is quite simple, SiteSuite the core brand and business of WebUX has been operating successfully for over 20 years, and provides a corporate backbone to NewU and FMDZen while they are being established. This in turn provides greater security for our clients

Why do I need a mentor?

We could delve into a whole lot of studies about spouse and friend support not really working etc.  But let’s go with a story.

You have two beautiful young children and they have been out with you shopping and they have behaved like little angels. (We did say it was a story)

You promised them a special treat for being good, and buy them a box of doughnuts, of course it’s cheaper to buy 6. They eat 2 each, and you eat 1. The kids then say please eat the last one, it’s yours.

Tempting, sounds fair.

You then send an SMS to us saying I’m about to eat a second doughnut.

We say hell no it’s going straight to your thighs.

That’s why you need a mentor, as per the Marines you get support without “Fear or Favor”.

When you’re ready to get started on the journey to a New U, hit the Big Green Button.